What our Clients say about us?

"If you want the best and be Agile in grwoth, you hire AxelGro  ."
Sr. Vice President, Strategy, Big Pharmaceutical Company

"AxelGro has consistently performed in an outstanding manner in helping us grow in US Markets."
Sr. Vice President, Marketing, Dental Medical Device Company

"AxelGro  always went the extra mile for us, no questions unanswered"
Partner, Strategy Consulting Company

"… a very disciplined, dedicated and flexible firm committed to providing professional services throughout all facets of an engagement."
Corporate Vice President, Fortune 100 Chemical Company

"Many thanks for pulling off the [project] with attention and such discipline. The attention to detail was great and everything was really seamless."
Vice President, M&A, Financial Services Company  


"AxelGro organized a fundamentally different kind of an off-site meeting, both in terms of the objectives you establish and in terms of the effort necessary to free up the conversation and drive out-of-the-box thinking. Prior to our meetings, the preparatory work by the team has been not only outstanding but exemplary. They are top notch at framing the issues, gathering relevant data, and preparing participants so that when we convene we’re ready to make the most of the meeting. As facilitators, AxelGro  has no peers. They listen, gather points of view, make sure the discussion is solidly grounded in fact, and, when necessary, challenge participants to genuinely confront the issues. Their artful, structured way of leading a group of executives through a series of complex issues to genuine alignment around a strategy adds enormous value to these critical meetings.”

REIT, Chairman, CEO & President

I wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for the awesome job you did for developing a long term vision for our division.  You staff brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm and it was infectious with the group. Keeping the attention of a group executives focused is not an easy task... Thanks again for being on the ball 24/7

REIT, COO & President

“ACME is very good at challenging the conventional wisdom of a company – something every organization can use when faced with difficult strategic choices, a new competitive landscape, or a need to do business differently.  ACME does better than anyone else is to help move you along toward the answers you need but which may not be apparent.”

Major Pharma Manufacturer, Corporate Vice President


I want to take a moment and thank you for the outstanding work you did for our company. I was impressed very early in our relationship due to the in-depth research you conducted by interviewing our top executives, customers, and vendors.  Your outstanding work really did help us in crafting a keen supply chain strategy.  Our time and investment with your company was well worth it.

Major Oil Company, Senior Vice President