Operations & Organization Management - Recent Engagements Eaxmples

  • Developed a new platform and product conceptualization, with implementation strategy and a new product process to help enhance its brand and new product pipeline for a $3B consumer packaged goods company
  • Led development of the credit card platform strategy to enable a $35B financial Services Company to attain growth targets, provide maxi­mum operational efficiency and enhance customer experience; costs were cut by $300MM
  • Developed and orchestrated an outsourcing strategy for $1B insurance claim processing company
  • Developed fully-integrated S&OP / demand planning process for Fortune 500 Consumer Packaged Goods Company.  Activities involved current state to ideal state mapping, defining success criteria and measures, tool consultation and prototyping a link large retailes
  • For a major national utility, we analyzed specific chemicals (including magnesium oxide and urea) for key pricing trends, as well as levers of demand and supply.  We also assessed the key drivers of cost for the specific chemicals, and identified major global players and their relative strategic positions within the global market