Our Trusted Partners

AxelGro has teamed up with select business partners in various industries to provide you with the best possible service.


Our trusted business partners include:


Joint Offerings

We have joined forces with exclusive consulting partners in order to expand our base of expertise. This allows us to address a wide range of issues around the world.


Our offerings are expanded:


The Smart Cube: This expanded partnership and capability will allow it to expand the range of services it can offer to its clients globally. 


Through this partnership, we will be able to provide a wide range of customized work that encompasses both multi-lingual primary as well as secondary research, including:

  • Strategy and M&A support
  • Marketing and Sales: Lead generation, market sizing, competitive analyses, global primary business surveys (in multiple languages), etc.

  •  Data Analytics: using specialized tools and techniques to make sense of various types of customer and corporate data

  • Procurement: Supply market analyses, Supply Chain Risk Assessments, supplier identification and pre-qualification, RFI’s, ongoing category briefings, etc.

  • Financial/Investment Services: Sector analysis, comparables and precedents, forecasting, modeling and valuations, etc.


AC Financial Services: This expanded partnership and capability will allow it to expand the range of services, in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions, globally.  This partnership also helps in providing full suite of finacial solutions to our SME (small and medium enterprises) clients.